Tournament Overview

The Stollery Family Day Classic is completely focused on children, families, active living and good health. The mission of the tournament is create an event that is about giving back and promoting awareness and support for the Stollery Children’s hospital among our youth and community at large. It is also in support of Hockey Edmonton and future player developmental initiatives.

The tournament takes place at the new Terwilligar Recreation center. The tournaments format will be a unique, fun and safe event promoting offensive, free flowing, non contact games for all players. Fair play, sportsmanship, equal ice time for all will be important components of this event. The age categories will be from Novice to Bantam, with different divisions within each age group.

The event will have a special message and responsibility to empower and enable the players and teams to give back and support others less fortunate. It will also be about giving back to the game of hockey an supporting Edmonton Hockey.

This event is intended to provide an incredible local alternative to teams to play in a competitive, fun local tournament. The priority of the tournament is to promote active healthy living through playing hockey and giving back.

"Playing for Healthy kids - Giving back to others"

The tournaments goal is to promote hockey and healthy children!

We hope to create an annual event that promotes and helps develop a sense of responsibility and caring for others through the great game of hockey.

Teaching children the value of:
  • Family
  • Being healthy and supporting others to regain health
  • Philanthropy and giving back to individuals and community
  • Fair play, Sportsmanship, fun and reasonable competition

The tournament is a non-contact tournament, and registration is open to full teams only whom are registered with minor hockey associations.

Tournament Rules

4 on 4 rules - 2013

All rules shall be consistent with the Hockey Canada Official Rule Book as adopted by Hockey Alberta and Edmonton Minor Hockey with the following exceptions:

Game length - All games are straight running time – period lengths are two periods of 25 minutes. Warm up will be two minutes for all teams.

Zero Tolerance - During the course of the game, the referee’s decision is final. A zero tolerance approach will be used by the referee towards aggressive and/or abusive coaches, players and spectators. A review of incidents involving inappropriate behavior will be conducted by Tournament Organizers with possible suspensions or expulsion from the tournament. All incidents will be properly documented and written up on official game sheets and forwarded to Hockey Edmonton and appropriate category directors.

Code of Conduct – Code of Conduct shall be as per Alberta Minor Hockey Play Fair Rules of Conduct

Stoppage of Play - Stoppage of play will be kept to a minimum. Face offs occur at the beginning of each period at center ice. Face off shall occur after penalties have been assessed.

Line Changes - Line changes will be done “on the fly” with no whistles or buzzer.

Offside - When a player(s) is/are offside a whistle will be blown with a change of possession, all players from the attacking team must clear the offensive zone to the neutral zone before re-entering the offensive zone.

Puck out of Play - When the puck goes out of play, the team not responsible for the stoppage in play will be awarded the puck. A minimum of ten feet of clearance shall be given to resume play. No face off will occur.

Goal - When a goal is scored, the scoring team is required clear the offensive zone (Red line) until the puck is brought forward to the blue line by the team scored upon. If the scoring team touches the puck prior to it clearing the blue line, a penalty shot will be awarded. A team clearing the puck after being scored upon has only 10 seconds to proceed past the blue line, or delay of game penalty will be called.

Goalie Freezes the Puck - The goalie has 10 seconds to play the puck. If the goalie maintains possession of the puck for more than 10 seconds a delay of game penalty may be assessed at the discretion of the referee. The attacking team is required to clear the hash marks on the face-off circles until the puck is played forward. If the attacking team intentionally touches the puck prior to the other team advancing forward, a penalty shot will be awarded.

Icing – Icing will not be called by the referees.

Body Checking - There is no INTENTIONAL body checking allowed. Body checking will result in a penalty being assessed. This is a non contact event in all divisions.

4 Goal Max - A four-goal period rule is in effect. No individual player can score more than four goals in each period. Timekeepers will track all players’ scores. If a player scores a 5th goal in any period, the goal will not count.

Timeouts - No timeouts will be awarded during the game.

Pulling the Goalie - Teams may pull their goalie for an extra skater at any time during play. Goalies cannot cross the blue line except to be substituted for a skater or in the event of a delayed penalty.

Suspensions - All suspension will be issued at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers for tournament games. Edmonton Minor Hockey or Hockey Alberta may suspend players or coaches for games within the tournament and for games outside of the tournament.

Penalties - All minor penalties will result in a penalty shot. (All shots will be taken at the conclusion of the game.) All major penalties will be awarded 3 penalty shots and the player will be immediately ejected from the game.

Greater than 3 Penalties - Any individual receiving more than 6 minutes of penalties (eg. 4 minor penalties, 5 min + 2 min, or 10 minute etc) in one game will receive a game ejection.

Coincidental Penalties - Coincidental minor penalties will result in a penalty shots for both teams.

Penalty shots - Penalty shots shall be taken at the end of regulation time with each team alternating turns until all the penalty shots have been completed. In the event that the penalty shots can no longer change the outcome of the game, penalty shots will not be taken unless time permits and both Coaches agree to continue.

Shootout Protocol - Coaches may choose their players for the penalty shootout. No player may shoot more than once.

Tied game- In the event of a tied game after regulation and all penalty shots, the winner will be determined by sudden Victory penalty shots. No player may shoot that has already attempted a penalty shot until every player (excluding Goalies) has taken a penalty shot.


1) How much are registration fees?
Fees are stated on the register page.

2) How many games are guaranteed?
Teams are guaranteed 4 games, with possibility of playing 6 or 7 if playoffs are made.

3) What rinks is tournament held at?
All games are played out of the Terwillegar Recreation Centre, using all 4 sheets of ice, for all 4 days.

4) When do games start and end?
Tournament games typically start Friday afternoon around 4:00pm, with final games played Monday late afternoon.

5) Is the fundraising aspect of the tournament mandatory?
It is not mandatory but highly encouraged as this is the basis for the tournament. Every penny raised at the tournament goes to the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Each player is asked to raise at least $100. This can be done as a team with a team bottle drive or function. Or individually by asking family and friends for a small donation.

6) Are tax receipts issued?
Yes - tax receipts are issued for donations of $25.00 or more. The Stollery Chrildren’s Hospital issues all of the tax receipts.

7) How can donations be made?
Once your team has been accepted in the tournament, information is sent to the teams regarding donation collection and the hospital sets up team donation pages online. Donations can be made in the form of cash, cheque (made out to Stollery Children’s Hospital), or credit card.

8) What is the format of the tournament?
The tournament follows a 4 on 4 format, non-contact, minimal stoppage, two – 25 minute periods.